Casumo Casino upgrades its mobile division

Casumo Casino take great pride in being one of the online casino that. Attention to mobile gambling most Casumo-Logo-POS-RGB-e1358353285218of its games can now be played on smartphones and tablets.

It goes without saying that all new releases are developed in such a way as to be compatible with these gadgets.

It will take a while until all the titles in their collection will follow suit, but a lot of resources, time and energy was invested in this direction.

The mobile division is fully flash and it is constantly changing, to meet existing customers halfway, while providing prospective ones with reasons to sign up. The casino recently announced its intention to upgrade this mobile gambling section and a new product was launched a few days ago. Well before the official release, players have the chance to get familiar with the gambling product, via trailers and preview videos.

What usually happens is that when online casinos announce the new product, the expectations are skyhigh, but they are rarely met on launch date. In this case, there was no need for updates and fixes, because the new mobile casino product works flawlessly.

Casumo is happy to offer a very appropriate casino experience that will appeal to those who recently made the transition from traditional gambling to its mobile counterpart.

Those who trade desktop computers for mobile devices are not going to make any sacrifices and will still enjoy the same memorable casino experience. In a nutshell, they embark on a quest rather than making incremental progress and there are several advantages associated to going mobile.


Players can still level up their character and be a part of this unique adventure, which differentiates the online casino from many of its counterparts.

By being a part of the NetEnt network, Casumo enables customers to play for progressive jackpots that are shared across the network. If you’re not afraid of steep competition and are willing to lock your horns with tens of thousands of other players, then you have arrived to the right place. They will be many challenges down the road, but these are all consistent with the announced adventure and players will get fully immersed in their gaming experience.

The mobile experience is unmatched and can be enjoyed on android, Windows and iOS operating systems, so virtual he all smartphones and tablets qualify. Sometimes the journey can be every bit as good as the destination and is exactly the proposition made by the online casino to those who choose to play its games.

They enjoy unlimited freedom in choosing between the virtual money gambling and real cash option, with no trade-offs whatsoever.

The advantages of playing for real cash become self evident when you make the first deposit and it is matched by 100%. There will also be free spins and other cash prizes up for grabs for beginners and these act as great incentives to sign up and deposit.