Unibet benefits from tightening regulations in the Netherlands

The Dutch authorities are always paying attention to the well-being of their citizen. The goal is to create the legal framework, so companies can operate here without taking advantage of locals. This rarely leads to excessive measures but every now and then the regulators go over the top with the rules they enforced.

They claim that they always want what is best for the Dutch people and it’s hard to go against such a statement. Recently, they ramped up protective legislation and this affects some online casinos.

The emphasis is on banning all forms of advertising in regard to binary options and CDFs. Until recently, bookmakers used to focus exclusively on sports betting, casino games provided slot machines and table games while poker rooms did their game.

Now gambling operators are trying to offer the entire package and financial offers are also on the table. Their members benefit from better access to all the services, but this also poses some unique problems.

The Dutch financial market regulator things that binary options and financial trading in general are harmful. Many casinos are worrying that their licenses might be revoked unless they exclude these items from their offer. Unibet has always been one step ahead of the game in any regard of online gambling. They’ve got the specialist to advise them and even though they offer financial bets, they are smart enough as to stay out of sensitive issues.

This is great news for those who have an account here or contemplate the possibility of opening one not so distant future. Residents of the Netherlands have nothing to worry because their bookmaker of choice is well-liked by local authorities. This is also the consequence of them having a flawless track record and always abiding by the existing rules. Scandinavian players rely upon their services all the time, with Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish people representing the vast majority of their members.

In the Netherlands, the appetite for sports betting is the same and some frequently make the transition to casino games. When they place financial bets, they don’t stray too far from the popular concepts of sports betting.

As long as they can make an informed decision because they are presented with all the facts there is nothing to worry about these markets. This is actually the main concern of the Dutch regulators who think that sometimes gambling operators try to circumvent the laws and this needs to be fixed.